Insurance Approved Windscreen Fitter

 Got a chip in your windscreen, or has the glass been damaged and need replacement? Then Ace Fit Windscreens can help you. You can get the cost of your replacement covered through your insurance in most cases, so it makes replacement so easy for you. Here’s what you need to know.

Windscreen Replacement And Your Insurance

If you have damage to your windscreen and need it replaced, then it’s always worth checking your car insurance. Most major insurers actually cover windscreen replacement as part of the coverage you pay for, so you can take advantage of that.

The work Ace Fit Windscreens do is often covered by insurance companies, so if you’re not sure about your insurance it’s a good idea to check. You’ll probably find that you’re fully covered, making things easier for you.

Common Questions About Windscreen Replacement And Insurance

  • Insurance Approved Windscreen Fitter ManchesterWill it affect my no claims bonus: While you’re technically claiming on your insurance to cover the cost of replacing the windscreen, it actually shouldn’t affect the bonus. That’s good news for those who have decades of careful driving under their belt and are worried about losing that discount.
  • Will it affect my premium: You should find that a windscreen replacement won’t affect your premium when you come to renew next year. If you do see any increases, that will be due to price changes at the insurance company, rather than the claim that you’ve made.
  • Do I have to go through my insurance company: There are some people who don’t want to go through the insurance company, and just pay the amount themselves. That’s very much up to you, so you don’t need to let your insurers know you need replacement if you don’t want to.

Claiming Through Your Insurance

One of the best things about using Ace Fit Windscreens is that we’re an insurance approved windscreen fitter. Because of this, we can take all of the hard work out of arranging repair and getting the cover for it from your insurance.

If you use us, you only have to make one call. You call our number, and then we’ll handle everything else. We’ll organise a fitter to come to you, and get in touch with your insurer to cover the cost of the work.

The best part is that you don’t have to have all your insurance details on you. If you want to use your insurance, we’ll just need your name and postcode. With that, we’ll get in touch with your insurance and get everything sorted out for you.

Benefits Of Using Your Insurance

Why would you want to go through your insurance when you need windscreen replacement? There are a few benefits to doing so:

  • Much less hassle: When you book your replacement, you don’t need to worry about sorting out payment and figuring all these issues out. Just make the call, let us know your name and postcode, and we take care of everything.
  • No worrying about payment: When you go through your insurers, you don’t have to worry about paying the fee for your repair. You will need to pay your excess, but if yours is quite low you’ll save yourself a good amount of money.
  • Only make one call: If you choose to go through your insurers, you don’t need to sit on hold to them and wait while you need repairs. We do it for you, so the fitter can get on the road to you and get the repairs done ASAP.

Ace Fit Windscreen Prices

One thing we pride ourselves on at Ace Fit Windscreens is our pricing. We set up our business on the principles for fair pricing for our customers. Even if you choose not to go through your insurance, you’ll see it’s very affordable to use us. Even with those low prices, we’ll give you the best quality replacement possible. That makes us one of the best companies out there right now.

If you need windscreen repair, it’s so easy to use us as your insurance approved windscreen fitter. Just make the call to us, and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll be able to get back on the road before you know it.

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